40 puzzles — 4 different levels of play.


What do you have when you mix great illustrations of Bible personalities with jigsaw puzzles? You have the ideal combination of God’s word, an excellent developmental activity and loads of FUN — Bible Jigz!

Bible Jigz is not a game — there are no high scores or time clocks. It’s just jigsaw puzzles, pure and simple. Created from the wonderful, humorous illustrations of Dennis Jones, these puzzles are composed of familiar Bible characters, animals, objects, and bright, colorful scenes that promote stories, discussion, and fun!

App Features:

   4 different levels of play - 4, 6, 8, or 12 pieces

  10 puzzles in each level; 40 jigsaw puzzles in all

   Individual puzzle pieces “lock-in” place and fit together easily

  Fantastic and humorous original illustrations by Dennis Jones

  Kid-friendly interface with big navigation buttons

  Each puzzle has Bible references to the “full story”

  Pleasant musical synth-ditty that toggles on and off

  No rules, no stress, no sweat - it’s just puzzles

  No In-app purchases, social media links, or advertisements

  No missing pieces — GUARANTEED!


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