The name Jones is everywhere…

Hat trick

Before a recent session of the U.S. Olympic wrestling trials in Indianapolis, a coach stopped by the press table with a question for a reporter: "How can I get a Smarty Jones hat? I need to have a Smarty Jones hat.

The query came from Zeke Jones, a former world champion wrestler who will be a coach with the USA's 2004 Olympic wrestling team.

"Maybe there's some common bond between the name," Jones says. "Maybe the name is so generic that one way a Jones gets to be intimate with his name is through other ones ... That's why I want the hat."

Get along goes along... Smarty Jones, born Feb. 28, 2001, was originally named Get Along after his mother, I'll Get Along.

Pat Chapman, who owns the horse along with her husband, Roy, soon realized the horse had the same birthday as her mother, the late Mildred McNair. She decided to a $100 fee to officially rename him after her mother.

Calling the horse Mildred didn't sound right. She opted for her mother's childhood nickname. Smarty Jones. That's what her mother had been called by her grandparents, the Joneses, because of her spunky personality as a youngster.

All over the map…

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Jonesboro, Georgia

Jonesboro, Illinois

Jonesboro, Indiana

Jonesboro, Louisiana

Jonesport, Maine

Jonesville, Michigan

Jonesburg, Missouri

Jonesville, North Carolina

Jones, Oklahoma

Jonestown, Pennsylvania

Jonesville, South Carolina

Jonesborough, Tennessee

Jonestown, Texas

Jonesville, Vermont

Jonesville, Virginia

By the book…

According to Webster's dictionary, the word jones is a slang noun meaning "an addiction to a drug" or "any strong or compulsive craving."

slang : to have a strong desire or craving for something < he was jonesing for a drink >

Name that tune

"Along Came Jones" - The Coasters

"Me and Mrs. Jones" - Billy Paul

"Basketball Jones, I Got a Basketball Jones" - Cheech & Chong

Jones X Jones

Actors: Tommy Lee Jones, James Earl Jones

Actresses: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Grace Jones

Talk shows hosts: Jenny Jones, Star Jones

TV shows: Barnaby Jones, Alias Smith and Jones

Movie characters: Indiana Jones, Cleopatra Jones

Financial institutions: Dow Jones, Edward Jones

Jazz vocalists: Etta Jones, Norah Jones

Ex-NFL defensive ends: Deacon Jones, "Too Tall" Jones

Country Music Hall of Famers: George Jones, Grandpa Jones

Speedsters: Marion Jones (track), Parnelli Jones (auto racing)

Swingers: Roy Jones Jr. (boxing), Bobby Jones (golf), Tom Jones

Former Celtics guards: K.C. Jones, Sam Jones

History makers: John Paul Jones, "Mother" Jones

The smart set

The Jockey Club registers the names of Thoroughbreds in The American Stud Book. Among other names in the active registry: Jones Arena, Jones Bluff, Jonesboro, The Jones Boy, Jones Choice, Jones Duran, Jonesey's Devil, Jones Falls, Jones' Flash, Jones Hall Cheese, Jonesin' Rage, Jones Lake, The Jones' Maid, Jones Never Scores, Jones Reserve, Jonesrizyrita, Jones Tale, Jones Time machine and Jonesey's Boy.

Keeping Up with the Joneses

Meaning: Maintaining an appearance of affluence and wealth for the benefit of others.

Origin: Jones is an extremely common surname in the United States and in this phrase is meant to be a generic term for the neighbors. The phrase makes much more sense when you say keeping up with the neighbors.

It is a common practice in suburbia for neighbors to be fiercely competitive and to continually try to have the nicest of everything in the neighborhood.


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