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Whiffs, skulls and shanks…

from chronic chokers and jokers.

Today’s Hit-A-House Golf Tour features a cadre of players executing some really bad golf with some really big clubs. Shanks, duffs, banana balls, and worm burners... we can’t break 100 and were pretty sure it’s the equipment’s fault. "Toss ‘em in the drink!"

Forget those flash-in-the-pan game improvement plans like lessons and practice... we’d rather buy really expensive equipment with sweet spots the size of a compact car. Equipped with the latest in over-sized, ball-blasting, turbulator, face-cup technology, we’re no longer slicing the ball 200 yards into the woods, we’re slicing it 300 yards into the woods... "FOOORRRRREEE!"

The HAH Titans of the Titaniums soldier on ... “LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT”… calmly purchasing their dogs at the turn, patiently waiting to exit their non-stop, Bogey Train ride to triple digit town.

They still can’t hit the SIDE OF A BARN ... but thanks to their massive sized sticks, at least they can SWING ONE.

" The stages of golf are Sudden Collapse, Radical Change, Complete Frustration, Slow Improvement, Brief Mastery, and Sudden Collapse. "

— Gus Ledbetter

2021 HaH Tour Members