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digital photo

3 simple steps.

the process

“ This is much too easy....”

STEP 1.  Make payment.

STEP 2.  Select photo.

STEP 3.  Email it.

To get the proverbial ball rolling, hit the "Buy Now" button and make your payment. We will immediately jump into action once your funds and photo are received.

Digital photos & scans

—  Photos in PNG, JPG, or TIFF formats
—  Around 1200 x 1500 pixels

—  Files about 4 MB work good

If in doubt, go ahead and send it and
we'll let you know if it's usable.

Submitting Form...

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Form received.

Captcha Image

 pick photo

Make it a good one.

"Remember, bigger is better."

Ideal photos are ones that are focused and clear with a solid, generic  background. Good facial lighting like a school picture is perfect.


Subjects can either be facing front or head turned in a 3/4 view.


JPG files at about 4 mb work good. (That's roughly 1200 x 1500 in pixels or 4 x 5 inches).

Email your photo

At Brother Jones, we strive to give faces just the right combination of the ridiculous mixed with a hint of the hilarious.


When it comes to stretching, morphing, distorting and all-out lampooning faces, we pledge to push the pixel envelope!


Compress multiple files

Two people? No problem.

Send a message

Planning an Event?

Add some fun and get some attention with the
Brother Jones Bombastic Caricature Booth.
Ideal for conventions, parties & fundraisers.

Please send a message for
booth details and rates.


Make payment with PayPal.

1. Right-click desired files to compress.
For multiple files, hold down the Command key and select files.

2. Select Compress in the file menu.

3. Locate compressed file in the same folder as the original file(s).

If you would like a couple picture,  simply enter "2 " in PayPal quantity box. Send  photos for each person.

S T E P  2

 send it

S T E P  3

only $20 (per person)

Here's a quick overview of the process.

Click "Buy Now" button below and make PayPal payment.

Select a photo of the subject.

Email  your picture to

The picture will then be turned into a high-quality, humorous,
photo-manipulated caricature. Pixel-pushing at its finest!
Heads and faces stretched, distorted, enlarged, reduced,
warped and lampooned beyond belief.

The finished JPG digital file is then sent back to you — ready to post
on websites, emails, or as profile image on your favorite social site.
Better yet, print it out and frame it up!

digital photo

STEP 1. Make payment.

STEP 2. Select a photo.

STEP 3. Email it: